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Questions, Perspectives, and Ideas  to
Drive Minds into Deep Thinking! 

Created by curious and thoughtful minds!

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Asking Questions

Curiosity drives us to ask interesting questions. We'll even share some crazy Google searches
we did and inject the same curiosity in you!

Adding Perspectives

The letter 'i' when inverted is '!'. The angle of view makes a huge difference. We'll add  perspectives from different views for the same problem.

Sharing Solutions

We'll identify and share problems that are hardly discussed in the business world, and solutions or workarounds to address them. 

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We're CorpScroll. The Corp represents the modern corporate world, and Scroll signifies papers with critical information used for communication in the ancient world.

We're a handful of thoughtful minds curious about solving real-world problems. All our blog posts aren't necessarily focused on problem-solving. Some posts are just to drive the readers' minds into deep thinking - an essential skill for solving complex problems.

We'll keep publishing questions, perspectives and ideas in our blog section, and we're giving them all away for free!

Here are some example topics to give you a taste of what you can expect in CorpScroll:

  1. How can eCommerce businesses drive the sale of perishable items nearing expiry?

  2. How to put your Keyword Research on Auto-pilot mode?

  3. What was the day on the date January 1, 0001?

  4. Will I reach the other side of the earth, if I dig the ground?

  5. QR Codes : Why is a Square missing at the bottom right?

and many more like this!

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