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Crazy Google Searches We Did

curious kids

Questioning our childhood beliefs, subconscious and consensus-driven assumptions is always an interesting, and important thing to do.


Because questioning strengthens and enhances our thinking and problem-solving skills, and helps a lot in our professions too!

And even more importantly, it helps us find out some of our strong beliefs were wrong!

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

At CorpScroll, whenever one of our awesome team members identifies something they believe based on childhood memories, or subconscious/consensus-driven assumptions, we note it down to verify if it's true.

Of course, we start our research with the world's unofficial knowledge base - Google.

We'll write a series of blog posts on those crazy Google searches, and link them here.

You may want to bookmark this page, as we'll keep publishing our answers to those crazy searches and link them here :-)

Spoiler alert - There are some cases where we were not able to arrive at a logical conclusion.

Hence, you're always welcome to enlighten us in the comments section with your questions and thoughts :-)

Ok, let's see the list of Google searches we did, before sharing our answers in the subsequent posts on each of them.

  1. If we dig the ground, will we head towards the opposite side of the earth?

  2. QR Codes: Why is a Square Missing At the Bottom Right Corner?

  3. What Was The Day of the Week on January 1, 0001?

  4. [Leap Years] The surprising, little-known fact

  5. Does Google exaggerate the number of results for search queries? Note: It's a funny thing to search in Google about Google. It's a LinkedIn article by one of the CorpScrollers :-)

  6. Is the earth sphere or flat? Note: Here, we'll also share a simple logical approach that helped us conclude the earth is a sphere.

  7. How come there's no gravity inside the spaceships, when their doors were shut in earth's atmosphere?

  8. What's the maximum number of vehicle number plates possible in the current numbering convention?

  9. The IP Address Game: What's the Maximum Number of IP Addresses possible?

and we'll add more questions frequently here!

Happy reading!


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